About Us

Trawick Contractors Inc. began as Dan G. Trawick, III Contracting Co., in 1954 with about five employees and Dan Trawick as the owner. Through the years the company has made many changes, in its name, philosophy, and type of construction work it pursues. These transitions were sometimes a result of the changing construction industry or out of pure necessity. Trawick Contractors, Inc. has evolved into a construction company which is committed to building quality structures while keeping its jobsites safe and profitable.

Between 1954 and 1973, Dan G. Trawick, III Contracting Co. renovated mostly fire damaged buildings, built homes and began pursuing military contracts once obtaining a General Contractors License in 1966. At that time, the majority of Trawick’s construction work was competitively bid for federal, state, or local municipalities. In 1973, Dan Trawick formed a partnership with Clyde Pearce calling the new company Pearce-Trawick Contractors. During this era, the company thrived working mainly on renovations to military installations throughout the United States, also rebuilt some Housing Projects in the Birmingham area and worked on municipal projects. The two partners decided to add a HVAC service business to the partnership in 1983 named Pearce-Trawick Service.

The partnership dissolved in 1985 leaving Dan Trawick with both Pearce-Trawick Service and the general construction company, Dan G. Trawick, III Contractors. In 1992 the company incorporated and became known as it is today, Trawick Contractors Inc. Dan Trawick passed away in 2010 leaving the company with his daughter, Ginny, and his son, Brother who have been managing the company for the past 20 + years. Trawick Contractors, Inc. continues as a general contractor but is unique with the capability to self perform HVAC work, and is a woman owned business primarily pursuing competitively bid projects in Alabama. Trawick Contractors, Inc is also certified as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise by the BCIA, Birmingham Construction Industry Authority.